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A horse that Larry Dayís mother was riding on the way to the hospital to deliver him bucked her off into a patch of four leaf clovers. Larry has felt lucky ever since.

  • My real name is John Laurence Day
  • I was born in Idaho of godly Mormon parents
  • Iíve been married to the same woman nearly 50 years. I have two children and two grandchildren
  • Because my parents and my wife indulged me, I earned BA, MA and Ph.D. degrees
  • Because the United States of America indulged me, I have earned money, among other things, as a potato picker, newspaper carrier, stage hand, model in a student art class, graduate assistant, newspaper reporter, copy editor, foreign correspondent, full time university professor, Fulbright lecturer, trainer of journalists on three continents, documentary television crew member, nonfiction book author, short fiction writer* and humor columnist**

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